Iyengar Yoga Forest Hill Is Online

Iyengar Yoga Online

During this uncertain period of isolation, we need yoga to help our body, mind and spirit, to keep calm and to carry on…
We can always practise yoga on our own, following a book or video, but some of us feel better practising in a group.
Yogainforesthill brings live-streaming classes, to your home or office.
You just need to download the zoom App, into your computer; tablet or mobile phone, and contact us for details on how to join the class.
To make the most of your online experience, it would be ideal if you could make some space for your yoga mat, ideally with a bit of wall.
Do a test run with your webcam, to make sure you can see yourself inside the computer screen, sitting and standing on the yoga mat. So, the teachers will be able to see you and give corrections when necessary.
We recommend to log in 15 minutes before class starts, so that we can check your set up.
Those regular practitioners, have your yoga equipment near. If you don’t have yoga props, you can improvise. A bath towel can substitute a blanket; hardcover books can replace blocks; a scarf can be used instead of a yoga belt; having a chair handy is also good.
But remember, the most important thing is your willingness to practice and keep yourself healthy during this challenging time.
Keep safe practice yoga at home!

Find Peace Of Mind Practising Yoga At Home!

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