Yoga Asana Class With Devki Desai And “Relationship of Satya Meditation to Yoga” with Special Guest Villy Doctor – Saturday May 21st, 14:00-15:30 (UK time)

Don’t miss the third part of the “Relationship Of Satya Meditation To Yoga”

Devkidesai 174598_121475697877083_2267744_nIn order to continue to face the challenges of this particular historical time we are living in, there seems to be the urgency to take care of ourselves in a deeper way. We are here to propound you with a meeting with two important personalities who can guide us in this inner journey of exploring the relationship between Yoga and Satya Meditation.

-Devki Desai learned directly from B.K.S. Iyengar, Prashant and Geeta Iyengar.
She is a senior teacher at the RIMYI – Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga
Institute in Pune.
Devki, with her great knowledge and elegance, will guide us through
relaxation, preparing us to face with the right spirit the Satya Meditation
session led by Villy Doctor.

#Villy Doctor #Yogainforesthill #meditation-Villy Doctor, known as Villy Ma, is the founder of Satyavati Spiritual
Foundation, which was established in 2009 with the vision to spread the “Satya Meditation” technique and knowledge.

This meeting follows the previous ones, on April 10th and on June 12th 2021.
The purpose is to observe how the practice of asanas has an impact on
the chakras and therefore on the subtle body. Devki Desai will lead the
practice of asanas from this point of view, then we will proceed towards
Meditation guided by Villy Ma.
In the first meeting on April 10th, Villy Ma was dealing with the channel on
the left side of the spine, the so-called Ida. She pointed out the importance of
cleaning up the memory of our past which represents an obstacle to our path
of transformation. Even just the observation of the fact that memories are
kept within us in physical and concrete form can be a decent achievement in
The second meeting, on June 12th , was a continuation of the previous one. It
was dealing with the channel to the right of the spine, called Pingala, the
custodian of the aspect that concerns the future: how concerns and expectations for our future can once again be a hindrance to our transformation and evolution.


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(This session is promoted in partnership with the Studio Iyengar Yoga Torino and will be simultaneously translated into Italian)

DATE: May 21st, 2022 Saturday

TIME: 14:00 (UK Time), 15:00 (Italy Time), 18:30 (IST)

VENUE: -Via zoom

Registration £25

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